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learning more about the technology side of insurance and how it can benefit youIt’s safe to say the internet has changed the way we live, work, study, and connect. Given this, it’s no wonder we’ve started spending so much time on it. Estimates suggest that the average person spends a whopping six hours and 41 minutes online every day!

If this sounds familiar, you’re likely used to getting almost anything done online. From research to major purchases, we’re more likely than ever to turn to our devices, and that’s especially true when we’re shopping for insurance. It’s even possible to get personal or commercial insurance in just a few clicks!

However, recent digital insurance trends go far beyond making it easier to research coverage. Whether you’re seeking a commercial or personal insurance policy, here’s what you should know about the latest innovations in the field.

The Rise of Digital Convenience

Once upon a time, the only way to shop for insurance was to go to a brick-and-mortar business and sit down with an agent.

Those times are safely in the past! In today’s digital era, convenience is king. Modern consumers expect a simple, streamlined experience when shopping for insurance online.

One TransUnion survey found digitalization to be a growing industry need. Around 50% of respondents were willing to go through additional verification just to get a secure online quote. In other words, consumers are demanding faster, more secure information during the research phase of their shopping experience.

This is especially obvious in younger generations. Millennial and Gen Z consumers are more likely than other generations to prefer on-demand insurance services. In addition, as baby boomers retire from insurance industry jobs, the younger employees taking their places are prompting digital transformation in a field traditionally staffed by older workers.

More than likely, that’s why we’re starting to see so many innovative, digital-first startups in recent years. As these companies make strides in the market, legacy agencies have to adapt to keep up!

As you’d expect, the result is great for customers. The increased competition translates to a better overall experience.

However, the takeaway is not that no-contact insurance is the way of the future. Most consumers, even younger ones, still prefer speaking with an agent before making a major decision about insurance. For most carriers and agencies, a multichannel approach is the right balance between self-service and a personal touch.

Latest Innovations in Digital Insurance

Digital insurance may not be for everyone, but there’s a lot to love about it. With countless opportunities for convenience, it’s hard not to see the benefits!

What kinds of changes can you expect from a digital-first insurance provider? Here are some of the biggest industry trends we’ve been excited to see:

Self-Service Approaches

Self-service options are nothing new. However, in recent years, these options have exploded across the insurance sector, streamlining the customer experience.

Rule-based and AI-driven chatbots are some of the most obvious examples. These tools make it easy for customers to get quick answers on the fly. In addition, mobile apps and user-friendly customer portals help provide updates to customers wherever they are.

Digital Customer Data Management

Real-time data processing helps users get instant updates and more accurate service. This processing is powered by online data management systems. These systems help providers collect and store customer information with no extra effort.

Even better, data management systems keep everyone on the same page. With providers and customers looking at the same info, jumping back and forth between verbal and digital communication is a breeze.

AI and Machine Learning

Managing data is crucial, but the right predictive tools and analytics help as well. With this software, providers can better assess their overwhelming amounts of data.

This has led to the growth of more accurate AI-powered underwriting, for example. Automation solutions like machine learning (ML) and robotic process automation (RPA) are also great tools for helping prevent insurance fraud and improve efficiency.

Hyper-Personalized Experiences

No matter what type of insurance customers are getting, they’re often looking for a tailored experience. That’s why we’re seeing more rule-based and AI-driven interfaces to help offer policy recommendations in real time. This makes the experience more engaging and relevant to customers.

The Perils of High-Tech Insurance

Not everything about digitization is a plus. If we aren’t careful, new opportunities for cybercrime can go hand in hand with new technology.

Because it stores huge amounts of personal and financial data, the insurance industry is a tempting target for would-be fraudsters. Phishing, ransomware, DDoS attacks, and other threats create openings for these criminals to access sensitive data.

That’s why security remains a constant concern. Preemptive measures like cyber insurance, multifactor authentication, more sophisticated identity verification, and encrypted records help keep data secure. In today’s online environment, security audits and contingency plans are crucial for any provider!

Reimagining Personal and Commercial Insurance

Here at Kicker Insures Me Agency, we’re making strides to keep pace with the industry. Our goal is to give customers peace of mind, and that’s easier to do with faster, more efficient online services!

Among our digital offerings, you’ll find a client hub to access all of your data. From policy documents to ID cards, our intuitive platform makes it easy to keep track of crucial info.

Even better, our secure tools help you pay bills, start claims, request new coverage, make policy changes, and even access roadside help online. That translates to fast answers, simple fixes, and less time waiting for customer service.

However, we also know online policies work best with a personal touch. That’s why we make it easy to start a conversation with one of our knowledgeable agents at any time. With multiple carriers and coverage options, there’s no reason not to get started!

Get Commercial or Personal Insurance Online

Today’s online world is moving faster than ever. Is your insurance keeping up?

If you’re hoping to modernize your traditional insurance experience, take advantage of the modern digital offerings at Kicker Insures Me. Our independent agency helps you find the custom insurance that suits you best, with simple and secure online tools to keep you covered. Whether you’re looking for a commercial insurance policy or you’re seeking personal insurance for your family, get help from our friendly agents!

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