We take insurance personally.

At Kicker Insures Me, we customize the process of finding the best insurance to fit you personally. Because our agency is 100% independent, we have the freedom to shop the marketplace to find you the best possible combination of cost and coverage. Our hope for you is to truly understand your insurance decisions. Start a conversation with us today.

"Insurance doesn't have to be complicated. With us, it's not. We're the trusted advisor you never knew you needed."

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"I would highly recommend this company. I dropped in with a question on a day that my agent was at another office and a different agent took time out of her lunch to contact her for me. I appreciate that I didn't get told to come back later. My agent then contacted me and helped my obtain the insurance I needed."

- Brandy Chaparro

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"Kicker Insures Me is a great agency. They take care of everything for me. As a busy teacher, I appreciate the text message and email reminders for my insurance renewals. They search for the best home insurance policy to suit my needs. Thank you for your professional, competent, caring service."

- Annette Oseguera

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"Kicker and her team have managed my insurance needs for years. The customer service has always been fantastic. They are proactive and always seem to want the best for their clients. Great follow through, rates and customer service. I highly recommend them!"

- Melissa Ferstl

Personal Insurance

Whether it's home, auto, boat, motorcycle or life insurance, our team can find you and your family the most appropriate coverage for your specific & unique needs.

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Commercial Insurance

We protect hundreds of businesses of all shapes & sizes. We have a wide selection of commercial insurance carriers, and products to help protect your business & livelihood.

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With Kicker Insures Me, you've got a plethora of insurance carrier & coverage options

Gone are the days of calling around from broker to broker trying to pin down the right coverage and an honest price. We understand your time is valuable, so we shop and compare top companies on your behalf so you don't have to stress.

Insurance is never just about price, but we deliver when it comes to saving you money

Because our agency is 100% independent, we have multiple options and can compare the best available policies for you. With flexible coverage and deductible options, we can find solid coverage for any budget. We routinely beat those companies you see on TV everyday by hundreds of dollars.

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    Rate Reduction

Curious about our process? It's really easy!

We do all of the heavy lifting for you, all we need is some basic information to get started 🙂

  • Start Online

    Enter some basic info on our website.

  • We Shop For You

    We check with multiple insurance carriers.

  • Choose Your Plan

    We present multiple options to pick from.

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People often ask, "Why are you different or better than my current company?" It's simple - our people

What sets our agency apart is our people, processes, and our personality. Our team cares, and we go the extra mile every day. We won't rest until every client has had a truly amazing experience with us.

Have questions about the process of switching to us?

Get answers to some frequently asked questions below.

There are many reasons we feel that we're a great choice to help with your insurance. Maybe the biggest one is that our agency is 100% independent and can offer you many choices when it comes to coverage and insurance providers. This saves you hours of time in trying to compare the different options yourself 🙂

When you're ready to switch over to our agency, you'll first need to secure coverage with the carrier we found for you. This usually involves making an initial down payment and signing off on the policies we present to you. The process is very simple and only takes a matter of minutes.

While we can definitely revisit your policies on an annual basis, changing insurance carriers every year (or six months) can actually negatively impact your "insurance score" which can actually cause your rates to increase. Therefore, while it's possible, we don't necessarily recommend it.

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No matter what type of insurance protection you're looking for, we've got you covered - literally and figuratively.

Homeowners Insurance

For most people, their home is their biggest financial asset and thus, should be protected as such.

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Automobile Insurance

There's more to car insurance than saving 15% in 15 minutes. We'll find the right coverage & rates.

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Specialty Insurance

Things like unoccupied or vacant homes need special attention. We can insure harder-to-place policies.

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We're here to help make sense of insurance. Start a conversation with us today.

Our friendly team of agents will help save you time, aggravation, and money 🙂