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Your house is clearly your most valuable asset and naturally you want to protect it. Should you ever need to file a claim, this is not the time to find out that you didn’t have enough coverage to cover all those things you thought you had been covering. It’s already hard enough to deal with the fact that your home is now damaged or destroyed, so put your mind at ease and ensure your Texas home is properly covered.

ensure that your Deer Park home is properly covered and insured


Kicker Insures Me Agency works their various carriers to find the best insurance for your Texas home. This includes reviewing your policies to be sure that you have enough coverage that meets your needs and budget.

Note: If you don’t own your home, you still can get your property covered with renters insurance, but homeowners insurance isn’t the right policy for you. If you have a rental property and are looking to protect your property, we can assist with getting you covered with a specialty dwelling policy.  If you are unsure which one is for you, please check out a blog we wrote on that very topic – Renters Insurance vs. Landlord Insurance: Which Covers What?

Either way, your home and belongings are important and should you live in Deer Park, the surrounding areas or the great State of Texas, Kicker Insures Me Agency is the team to help ensure that you cover your most prized possession, your home!

Everyone has different needs just like different homes and belongings we we provide policies that are custom fit to your needs.  While you have different needs, we know that every insurance carrier has different requirements, riders, conditions, limitations and thus premiums, so let us help you navigate those differences.

Home Insurance for Deer Park Homeowners

Independent insurance agents, like Kicker Insures Me, makes it easier for you to shop your insurance as we can work with various insurance carriers. Plus, we live in the same communities you do so understand the struggles you have. Let us help you sort our your home insurance policy changes and take care of your personal insurance needs.

Accidents happen and storms come through Texas like nobody’s business, but having the right insurance coverage could help protect you and your family from financial devastation should you suffer some sort of loss such as fire, theft, vandalism, flood, other covered perils or even accidents that may happen on your property.  Accidents don’t target home owners or renters differently, it happens. Be sure you are covered.

While we are here to help you navigate your insurance concerns, let’s go over some of the things that you will see on your typical homeowners insurance policy.

Common Homeowners Insurance Coverages

Dwelling — this is the part of your coverage that covers the actual structure (main house). Replacement value will fluctuate due to a variety of different factors like materials and labor, supply and demand, the market, and etc.

We will want to review the replacement value by running a cost analysis on your house to be sure you have enough coverage to rebuild your home, should that ever need to be done.

Other Structures — this is just as it states, other structures on your property that isn’t attached to your house, permanently. This would be things like your fence, detached garages and sheds, your driveway or sidewalks. Usually this coverage is 10% of whatever your Dwelling limit is, but can be increased if you need more coverage.

Personal Property — this is your stuff and meant to cover all of your things, such as furniture, appliances, clothes and personal belongings. If you were to pick up the structure of your house and turn it upside down, everything that isn’t attached to the house are your ‘contents’.

Loss of Use — this covers your living expenses if you need to live somewhere else temporarily because your primary home is uninhabitable due to a loss.

Medical Expense —this covers medical expenses for guests (note, not you or your family), if they are injured on your property, and in certain cases covers people who are injured off of your property. This is not medical coverage for you, your family or those who are members  of your household.

Family/Personal Liability — Personal Liability Coverage applies if someone is injured or their property is damaged and you are to blame and this could apply anywhere.  This is basically a personal liability insurance that should be high enough to protect your assets if you are sued. You will want to consider your income as well as the assets you own when determining your personal liability. And you may even consider an Umbrella policy to provide extra coverage.

Scheduled Personal Property — this is additional coverage for specific valuables or collectibles that you might want, or need, additional coverage for. This could include antiques, jewelry, firearms, furs, rugs or other collectibles.

How to get started with your homeowners quote:

Every family is unique just like the home that you chose, so let’s be sure that both are equally protected.

We can review your current homeowners insurance policy and/or provide you with a no-obligation free homeowners insurance quote. Fill out some of the information below and let’s get started on that quote or answering your questions.  You may also call/text our office at (281) 487-9686.  Either way, we work to make your insurance struggles, easier!

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