The Importance of Employee Mental Health and Safety in the Workplace

Make a better work environment with improved mental health and employee safetyDid you know that 15% of the workforce suffers from a mental illness? From business insurance to employee mental health, you have a lot to worry about as an employer. Mental health affects more than just your employee’s health, it also impacts your company culture, employee retention, and productivity.

Work is a place where you can both learn and grow, as well as build relationships with coworkers. And yet, the reality is that many workplaces are not up to par with their potential in terms of employee wellness. They’re not designed for optimal well-being or health and this round-up will go over some easy things to do about it.

Wellness is Good for Business

Employee wellness is good for business. Businesses that invest in employee mental health in the workplace are more profitable than those that don’t. That goes for mental health, wellness, and injury prevention.

Employee health and safety is a business issue, but it’s also a social issue. Mental health or safety issues affect the entire team. If an employee feels at risk, it not only hurts them as a person but also how they work.

Make the workplace a supportive, helpful, and healthy place to be. You’ll see happier employees who are more confident. You’ll also see employees who work harder and stay longer.

Wellness isn’t only a good thing for your employees, it also trickles down to your business. You’ll see more productive employees who take pride in working for you. This shows and customers notice.

Happy and Healthy Employees Want to Stay

As a leader, you want your employees to be happy and healthy. Happy and healthy employees are more productive, less likely to leave, and more likely to help other employees. They’re also more inclined to recommend their employer to others.

The best thing for leaders is to create an environment where people feel safe. Safe talking as well as working. The happier and more secure employees feel, the longer they will want to stay employed there. This translates to better employee retention.

Losing an employee is costly in both time and money. It takes weeks or even months to interview and find the right candidate. From there, you also have to pay to post positions and train the new hire. By the time your new employee is up to par, your wallet and your current employees are drained.

Keep employees happy and healthy with a safe working environment. The importance of employee mental health is key to keeping employees long-term. You’ll see happier employees and far less turnover.

Employees Need to Feel Support and Safety in the Workplace

Supportive management is one of the best forms of employee safety. Employees want to know that their employers have their back. This comes from open communication and recognition.

If an employee feels unsafe, overworked, or burned out, give them your time. Take the time to make them a priority. Do what you can to make the workplace healthier and safer.

A supportive workplace also comes from employee empowerment. Empower your employees through great benefits, training, support groups, and forums. Give them the space to speak openly about problems or change.

Mental Health and Productivity

The relationship between a healthy mind and body is well established. The same is true for your employees. A mentally healthy workforce will be more productive, engaged, and loyal. It’s no surprise that healthy and happy employees get more done.

A feeling of wellness provides stability, loyalty, and dedication. This means more productive employees who want to be there. Productive employees are more creative, helpful, and excited to at work.

Create a Company Culture of Health and Wellness

When you’re creating a company culture of health and wellness, it’s important to make sure that employees feel safe at work. This can be done by offering incentives for good health and creating an environment where employees feel supported.

Consider offering access to therapy, counseling, and physical fitness activities. Speak with a business insurance expert about which mental health services are offered to your employees. Give them opportunities to work on wellness inside and outside of work.

Companies today need to offer the full package. This could be a credit towards a gym membership or fitness classes. It could also mean free hours in the day to promote mental wellness.

Employees who work out and take care of themselves are healthier and happier. Help them make physical fitness a priority. You’ll see healthier employees who feel better, take fewer sick days, and more.

Healthy Workplaces Attract More Clients

A healthy workplace culture will lead to more satisfied customers who want to work with you again. Healthy workplaces also attract clients because they know they can trust their employees. Customers notice when a company has a healthy culture and happy employees.

Customers want to work with employers who treat their employees well. They know they will see employee loyalty, happy people to work with, and better products. Give your clients peace of mind with a healthier work environment.

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We hope that you have a better understanding of why employee mental health and safety in the workplace is so important. The bottom line is that it’s good for business and it helps keep your employees healthy and productive. Happier employees stay longer, work harder, and attract more customers.

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